4 pm. 4 minutes. 40 days.

We know God is the only one who can make our plans possible and we want everything about this to be used for His Kingdom and glory.


We are excited to cover our campaign for The Avenue: Crossroads with prayer.  We are faithfully praying for wisdom, discernment, generosity, and the filling of the Spirit as WCC prepares for The Avenue: Crossroads.   

We will have opportunities to pray together Sundays after the service, starting January 20th. And, we will also start our 4.4.40 prayer commitments on January 29th.  Look out for more information about how to sign up for 4.4.40. We are excited for each person to pray every day at 4 pm, for four minutes, for forty days. By starting this campaign in prayer, we have absolute faith we will see God show up in amazing ways.

Receive 4.4.40
Text Alerts

We will have a checkbox on the bulletin community cards for people to sign up.


  1. Text “PRAY” to 515-373-8097

  2. Then click on the link sent to you and fill out the webform