Phase 2

The overall plan for WCC has been to eventually occupy the entire building that WCC owns. As our growth is phased, so is our plan for the building.

Over the past several years, WCC has continued to see growth. In response to this growth, the Facilities Committee has considered a number of options and plans. Ultimately, the committee developed a solution that we believe will consolidate all WCC family and needs under one roof. This solution will bring us together, while addressing several key criteria: 1) improve functionality and efficiency, 2) increase the safety of families and children, 3) improve stewardship of our resources, and 4) accommodate growth.

In Phase 2, we plan to move Waukee Community Church’s staff offices and Children’s Ministry into the space currently occupied at the west end of our building by Home Instead.  Our plan is for this to happen between mid 2019 and mid 2020. This will allow our church family to be under one roof. The next step of Phase 2 is to add an expansion to the east of roughly 3,000 square feet. This will expand the worship space and move the nursery adjacent to the cry room and worship space. Additional signage is also planned facing Warrior Lane to increase our visibility and connectivity with the community.

Now for the Crossroads. With any project, change can be challenging. This may challenge our church body and push us out of our comfort zone. But it can also create opportunity.
It can reinforce a reliance on God’s provision, create unity, support spiritual growth, increase
connection and add a renewed excitement of the body.


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Current Configuration

Phase 2A


Phase 2B



Allison Abbott
   - Campaign Chair
Andrew Van Leeuwen
   - Phase 2 Liaison
Doug McHone
   - Elder Liaison
Courtney Clarke
   - Communications
Jess Savage
   - Prayer Lead
Mike Wagner
   - Advance Commitments
Nathan Wise
   - Special Events


Jeff Johannesen
Allison Abbott
Susan Crites
Andrew Van Leeuwen
Megan Jaques
Matt Moklestad
Andrew Doss
David Brooks