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Exciting News!

Andrew Van Leeuwen

As you have heard, we have exciting news to share in the plan for Phase 2! God has answered our prayers and we will now be in one space! With our new ability to move into the space just to the West of us, we see so many benefits for our church family and our outreach into the community.
  • Connectedness. One contiguous space will provide a safer, more functional flow. The nursery will be located in close proximity to parents.

  • Clarity and Identity. One distinct building and entrance will establish clear identity for visitors.

  • Opportunity. Additional lobby space will provide opportunity to support small group meetings, events, and fellowship.

  • Stewardship. The conceptual layout leverages the existing infrastructure, minimizing waste and stewarding the resources God has provided.

  • Future Ready. The layout will support future expansion for growth or future program needs.

We can’t wait to see what God does with this Avenue Crossroads project! Both in the lives of the families currently attending WCC, and in the lives of the families we have yet to meet.

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