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Inquiring of the Lord

Allison Abbott

In I and II Samuel, the resounding theme is how David sought the Lord’s counsel. Throughout these books it states ‘David inquired of the Lord’.

During the past year, the Phase 2 Committee has been planning for the future of our church. We have

discussed how much space the church needs, what the space should look like and how the space could

best be used to reach our community. We have prayed faithfully over this as a committee.

But, to ensure that we are proceeding in the way God wants, we have started our Capital Campaign

with 40 days of prayer. We are praying for His guidance in our next steps. We are praying how

best to use the property to reach our community for Christ. We are praying that we would be good

stewards of our gifts. We are praying that we would be generous in our offerings and in our outreach.

We are using the 4.4.40 campaign to inquire of the Lord. Please join us as we pray for our campaign four

minutes every day for 40 days, and after every Sunday service throughout the campaign. Please

pray that God leads you throughout this process. Please join us in inquiring of the Lord, so that we

may bless our community and bring Him glory.

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