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Prayer = Dependence

David Brooks

She listened to the lie. It was so subtle. He was so smooth. “You’re better off on your own,” he whispered. “You don’t need him in your life. You shouldn’t be dependent on anyone. He’s holding out on you. Be your own person. Be who YOU want to be.”

She silently contemplated those words. She did want to be a fiercely independent person. Everything she needed in life she could achieve on her own. His authority only restricted her from controlling her

own life.”No right, no wrong, no rules for me!” And with that, she grabbed the fruit and took a bite.

Eve declared her independence from God. So did Adam. And the world was thrown into chaos. This

independence became a cancer to God’s perfect world.

You and I want to do the same thing every single day. But, through faith in Christ, God redeems us

and gives us a new nature. Now we intentionally fight against our fierce desire for independence.

We intentionally tell ourselves, “Dependence on God — THAT is the good life.” At WCC, this is our first

value statement: Steadfast Dependence on God. We need him. We ARE dependent. That IS good. There is no better way to express this dependence on God than through prayer. That’s why, before we pursue anything else with Phase 2 of our building, we must pray. 4.4.40 is a great way for you to do this. We are halfway through. Don’t quit. Use 4 minutes, every day at 4pm, as an opportunity to express your

dependence on God! And then we listen, to see how God leads us next.

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