The Crossroads

Our First Steps

At Waukee Community Church (WCC) our vision has always been to create a place where people were included and could come to embrace the mission of “being” the Church in the small but growing suburb of Waukee. WCC met for a number of years at Prairieview School, but by 2016, church leadership knew the next steps in our journey were needed.


This church family needed a home, a place beyond Sunday mornings, where they could not only continue their own journey to Jesus, but also point others to Him. They needed an “Avenue to Jesus.” In purchasing the building, the people of WCC realized the first step in this dream. The Avenue was born.


In Phase 1, The Avenue, became a place to help us all continue our walk with Christ and our mission of bringing people together to live, love, and give like Jesus. This, however, was not the end of the plan. It was the first step.


At The Crossroads

Our church has now reached a crossroads. Just as we grow in our faith and mission, so do the needs of the church.  Our long term plan is to have that space beyond Sunday mornings, where the Church, the body of Christ, can join together in worship, ministry, classes, life groups, and more, under one roof. Today, we have 6,000 square feet, split between two buildings, one of which is leased. We cannot simply stay where we are.


Our weekly attendance has grown significantly. Yet, our current space says “already full”. We desire to bring people together in worship, helping each other become more like Christ, and affording people the opportunity for authentic, relational, God-led life transformation. Not to exclude.


Our two buildings also present a number of logistics challenges. The separation of parents and children creates concern for potential new members, and safety concerns for children and staff. We would have greater opportunity to efficiently use our space and be visible to the community all in one location. And, to enhance our stewardship, we need to work on ending our lease.


Last, as in our faith journey, standing still is not an option. We are at the crossroads with the path laid before us. Will we rely on God’s provision to increase our ability to serve the Church, the body of Christ?


The Road Ahead

We now have the opportunity to move our church offices and children’s ministry into the same building as our worship. The next two phases of our plan for growth will include moving the nursery and offices in the West end of our building, and expanding the building to the East.


We will be able to improve the safety of kids and staff, increase our visibility and connection to the community, expand areas for connectivity, and release the leased space.


With our Avenue: Crossroads campaign, we are challenging ourselves to use God’s provisions to multiply the impact we can have.
JAN 20

JAN 29
Begin 4.4.40 Prayer Campaign

FEB 09
Church Prayer Breakfast

MAR 30
Begin Commitments

APR 28
Finalize & Announce Commitments

By Mid 2020
Come together under
one roof

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